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Wormwood grows to a pretty big bush, around 4 or 5 foot tall and is best known as the herb that gives Absinthe its distinctive flavour. Appearance wise, it is pretty beautiful, with interestingly shaped frilly silvery-bluey-green leaves. It is from the same family of plants as tarragon, mugwort and sagebrush which are used for their strong aromas and bitter tastes. This is an excellent ingredient for producing complex aromatic infusions and bitters for cocktails, as suggested by Adam Seger of Nacional 27, Chicago and we sell small amounts of the smaller, softer leaves to adventurous chefs and mixologists looking to harness its intensity. The plant grows in little clusters of leaves, and we pick it at about four inches with each segment measuring about 1 – 1.5 cm.

The leaves are intensely bitter and we often use it to produce our own organic insecticide because insects just can’t stand it!

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Written by Sean O Neill

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