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Tagete Leaf

Tagete Leaf

Citrus Leaves

Tagete (particularly Orange Gem) has a very interesting green, spiky-leafed salad herb with a very floral, orangey-citrus smell and taste, somewhere between orange and orange peel in terms of flavour. There is a little oiliness to it – not very much, but it is present. Unlike Sorrel leaves (which tastes like lemon but doesn’t smell lemony), Tagete is a whole experience – as you bite the leaf you get the citrus taste and an oomph of orange smell as you eat it.

We harvest just one part of the plant, the very small leaves – the larger Tagete leaves don’t have the same quality about them. The plant may be better known for its bright orange edible flowers but the Tagete Leaves are great baked inside fish, in salad or in any dish that would benefit from an unusual, fragrant orange tang.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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