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Sheep Sorrel

Sheep Sorrel

Citrus Leaves

Sheep Sorrel is a foragers’ favourite and an abundant wild harvest for us at Keveral Farm. Its elongated arrow-shaped leaves are a perfect salad green, lending a nicely tart and refreshing lemony sorrel flavour to any dish. Traditionally, Sheep Sorrel has been used as a herbal remedy to aid digestion (maybe this is why the sheep and rabbits like it so much too?), as a sauce to accompany pork or lamb and as a souring-agent to curdle cheese.

With an excellent balance of sweet, sharp, crunchy and succulent flavour and texture, contemporary chefs find no shortage of ways to prepare innovative dishes with this classic ingredient from the English countryside. See Paul Foster’s amuse-bouche of Beetroot Mousse, Feta, Peanut & Sheep Sorrel for the menu at Tuddenham Mill.

Wild and in the field it gets a bit more fibrous than we’d like and because it is open to all the elements, it can deteriorate quite quickly. When we are working for restaurants, we need every leaf to be perfect so we sow it very densely in pots, which seem to suit it perfectly. This also means we can bring it on earlier (from end Feb – beginning of March) and it carries on producing for us until first frosts (end Nov – beg Dec). We keep this plant to 1.5 – 2 inches and cut it by that size so that it’s at its absolute best –  really lemony (only rivalled for 1st place by Buckler Sorrel) with a very good texture.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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