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Red Veined Sorrel

Red Veined Sorrel

Citrus Leaves

Red Veined Sorrel has a very decorative rounded green leaf with a striking red vein through its centre that looks like a beautiful little tree. We grow this as a small leaf as chefs request it for its appearance rather than specifically for its flavour. When to this size, it has a very mild sorrel flavour with hints of lemon. You have to be quite careful with this one, as the if the plant is left to grow too much its flavour changes dramatically from a pleasantly mild flavour to something quite unpalatable.

Red Veined Sorrel grows best in spring and autumn as it doesn’t like conditions that are too hot, too dry or too cold. It has a very irregular germination, so we’ve found over the year that it’s best to keep it the seeds in the fridge and grow them from cold.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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