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Red Sorrel Leaf

Red Sorrel Leaf

Citrus Leaves

Red Sorrel is almost identical in shape to common Wood Sorrel that grows wild throughout the UK, Europe and Asia, with a heart-shaped, folded clover type leaf. This cultivated form has an intense red leaf and stem with a bright, sharp lemon-citrus taste. They have become an instantly recognisable microleaf and are a bit of an all-round hit really – simple, delicate and decorative with an excellent taste and texture.

Red Sorrel is a really versatile leaf, adding a splash of colour and lightness to any salad. Its mild sour tones also make it a refreshing thirst-quencher and an excellent leaf to finish creamy soups, oily fish or eggs with a tangy and pleasantly tart edge. This leaf can also be put to use in a range of deserts, such as Michelin-starred chef  Kristian Arpe-Møller’s deconstructed Rhubarb Pudding at Restaurant Sletten, Denmark.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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