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Red Sorrel Flower

Red Sorrel Flower

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The flowers from the Red Sorrel plant really are a delight. These vivid yellow flowerheads’ petals have minute delicate red veins, red stems and buds and a beautiful, characteristically bright lemon-sorrel flavour.

A welcome burst of colour and surprising flavour in delicate salads and an excellent sharp citrus companion to ripe summer strawberries, as in Rose Prince’s recipe for Gariguette Strawberry Salad.

Our Red Sorrel flowers for a lot of the year, from very early on in the spring through to the winter months – it proves itself to be an almost omnipresent flower. If we keep the temperature for the plants above 3 or 4 degrees celsius then we can keep them alive all year round with the most abundant flowers in the early Summer.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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