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Red Frill Mustard

Red Frill Mustard

Mustard Leaves

Red Frill Mustard is one of the classic and most recognisable microgreens. It has a decorative frill of serrated red leaves and looks very nice when it is small. We cut this as a micro or baby leaf but the plant itself grows into foot-long leaves if left to its own devices.The variety we grow has a light and fresh mustardy flavour, with slight earthy tones, which makes it a very useful leaf and it’s really not too strong (unlike some other varieties).

The contrast between the deep purple of the leaves and the bright, almost wasabi coloured new stems makes Red Frill Mustard an excellent visual addition to any savoury plate. Used widely throughout Asian and South American cooking, this delicate spicy leaf’s flavour pairs well with milder ingredients like young cheeses, cream sauces, eggs and white fish and compliments the meatier undertones of asparagus, duck, mushroom and olives.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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