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Red Cornflower

Red Cornflower

Edible Flowers

Cornflowers are a consistently popular edible bloom that we harvest between May and the end of September each year. The cornflower plants have a very attractive, vibrantly coloured and interestingly structured flower with a simple floral flavour – very slightly sweet and spicy but with a pleasant ‘barely-there’ taste. These stand out flowers are a familiar sight in the English countryside and we grow them in a variety of colours – the distinctive blue (wild cultivar) and vivid reds, pinks and blacks.

Cornflowers have many and varied uses – providing a key ingredient in vibrant summer salads, as decorative touches to sweet and savoury dishes or used as a base in making your own natural food colouring. See Higgledy Garden’s Calendula and Cornflower Fudge Recipes & artisan soft cheeses using petals to add to their visual appeal.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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