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Mizuna Leaf

Mizuna Leaf

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Here at Keveral Farm, we grow both Red & Green Mizuna as they are very productive in the winter, with  a slightly peppery, mild mustard flavour. Everything about the plant is very mustardy but they are not mustard in strength – Mizuna is in fact pleasantly very mild. They have a decorative slightly jagged leaf which we grow in a variety of sizes – a micro, baby leaf and full sized salad – as well as the Mizuna flowers (which are yellow and mustard-like).

We grow Mizuna all year round but Red or Green Mizuna makes an especially useful addition to winter salad. When you are growing so many different varieties throughout the year, you become very aware of providing a good balance of flavours in each specific season, and in winter this can be particularly difficult. This is when we call upon our reliable winter favourites like Claytonia and Mizuna to provide reds, greens, decorative touches and a good balance of sweet and mustard flavours to our mixed salads.

Mizuna hails from Asia and is grown widely in Japan and Taiwan in the winter months where they continue to grow in low-light and low-temperature conditions. From the brassica rapa family (like Pak Choi, Komatsuna and Choi Sum), these plants do very well here in Cornwall (and in British winter climates) in a way that our native species struggle to do. Quite amazing plants really!

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Written by Sean O Neill

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