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Iron Cross Sorrel Leaf

Iron Cross Sorrel Leaf

Citrus Leaves

Iron Cross Sorrel has a much bigger leaf that the other Sorrel plants we grow. Each leaf has 4 delicate butterfly-shaped segments so you can take each segment off and eat it by itself. It has a nice bright citrus flavour, a little more fibrous than Buckler Sorrel and it had a red inside of the leaf which is very decorative with variations in the leaf running from red and green to dark purple and green.

Chefs regularly use the Sorrels we grow with fish because of the citrus notes and also with cheese or curds and to highlight any kind of salad. These leaves are also increasingly popular with pork as in Simon Rogan’s Suckling Pig with Salt-Baked Kohl Rabi, Runner Beans, Mugwort Oil & Sorrel Leaves at L’Enclume, Cumbria, as an expansion of classic flavour combinations like pork and lemon or pork and apple.

Most of the Sorrels grow quite well in meadows and woodland edges, a lot of the more cultivated varieties like Iron Cross Sorrel seem to like rocky ground. None of them like to be too wet – they definitely don’t like to be saturated.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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