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Green & Bronze Fennel Fronds

Green & Bronze Fennel Fronds

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Fennel is certainly in my top 3 plants, if not my top plant because it so elegant and beautiful – it really is a very beautiful plant to be around. When you are working with Fennel plants, they are taller than you and you can become surrounded by them, engulfed in their smell, stroked by their soft fronds – it’s a really sensuous experience. The Green & Bronze Fennel Fronds that we harvest are quite a dense clump of fine, feathery and delicate green or bronze fronds.

In their complete state, they look fantastic on the plate and can be used to give a subtle anise flavour to pork, egg and seafood dishes. These fronds are also a very popular addition to salads, dressings and slaws, and used to create a Fennel Frond pesto, a sweet Fennel syrup (mix with sparkling water for refreshing summer drink, pour over icecream or deserts, or use in cocktails) or crystallised for delicate and complex deserts like Martin Benn’s Sepia Restaurant signature seasonal Chocolate Forest.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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