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The Coriander we grow is really beautiful as a very small leaf, a shoot really. We pride ourselves in growing to a very specific point and harvesting at exactly the right time for the full flavour, potential, beauty and look of the plant – a perfect miniature – this really is as good as it gets!! We pick it when it’s got its first true leaves because we’re growing it for an intensity of flavour and its recognisable characteristic appearance.

The main type of Coriander leaf we grow is a Chechen variety which grows a fantastic broad leaf very quickly so that the flavour of the plant is at its peak when we want to harvest it. With the micro greens we grow, you have no stalk, so it’s very light and delicate on the mouth.

Our Coriander is a really great, powerful little leaf that is incredibly versatile and popular. Widely used to finish dishes from areas as varied as South Asian, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Latin American and  North African cuisine, as an ingredient, it also crops up in cocktails like Tabla Restaurant’s classic Indian-accented Kachumber Cooler.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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