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Chinese Chrysanthemum Green

Chinese Chrysanthemum Green

Floral Leaves

Our Chinese Chrysanthemum Greens are a really fragrant and floral leaf, with small, serrated, mid-to-dark-green aromatic leaves. If they get too big then they become bitter and unpleasant but at the small stage when we harvest them, they are bright and interesting with a difficult to describe floral flavour.

Not being a chef, I struggle to classify its flavour and to describe it correctly but it has the powdereryness of a flower (just like an ornamental flower stem but in a leaf) and has the essence and the oil in there,  nothing pungent or repulsive about it, strong but not overpowering.

The small variety that I grow have just got the most beautiful shaped leaf. This is an ingredient that needs to be used by clever minds and clever hands to bring out the best in it. It has a profound flavour, not mild but there is nothing unpleasant about it, it’s just unusual, especially for European palates. Chrysanthemum Greens are used quite widely in Chinese and Japanese cookery and they seem to be becoming increasingly popular here in England with chefs looking for something more adventurous.

Written by Sean O Neill

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