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Buckler Sorrel

Buckler Sorrel

Citrus Leaves

Buckler Sorrel is the most citrusy of all the Sorrel flavours and tastes most like a lemon. It’s great in salads and really versatile adding a splash of great-tasting sharp-sourness to lots of different meals and can even be used as a replacement for lemon itself. Myself and a few chefs who were visiting the farm came up with a lemonade type drink by mixing Paraguay Sugar Leaf, Buckler Sorrel and Iceplant (providing the liquid), which we thought was pretty ingenious, seeing as all the ingredients are leaves! Another great combination we’ve experimented with is Buckler Sorrel with Oyster Leaf and Saltbush – tastes like oysters with lemon and salt. In terms of texture, it is a little thicker than other Sorrel leaves and a bit less fibrous.

Buckler Sorrel also has the most beautiful seed pods, which taste really incredible. They look like little orangey planets – they are very beautiful and they taste totally lemony as well. The seed pods have a completely different texture to the leaf, tasting less strong but with that distinctive Sorrel flavour – much more interesting than the flowers of this plant.

Most Sorrels are prefer an ericaceous, or slightly acid soil. They don’t like too much sun and we tend to grow them in pots in the tunnels from about February to beginning of November. Thrives in May, June and July but remains alive and productive the rest of the time.

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Written by Sean O Neill

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