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Aquilegia Flower

Aquilegia Flower

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The Aquilegia Flower is incredibly beautiful, structured and architectural. This plant is also sometimes known as Columbine, which comes from the Latin for “dove” because the cluster of petals resembles five doves huddled together. I have always liked this plant and been attracted to it because of its remarkable and intricate flowers. The flower has a very mild, ‘barely-there’ taste with a tiny hint of floral sweetness. They come in various shades of whites, pinks and purples and make a perfect decorative accompaniment to early Summer dishes, salads, drinks and deserts.

Aquilegia Flowers have a very short season, so it is best to make the most of these while you can!

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Written by Sean O Neill

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  1. […] growing Aquilegia plants for their exquisite flowers, I took a customary nibble of the plant’s leaves and found them to be not just edible but […]

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