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Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom

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Our delicate Apple Blossom is collected from the established orchard of old Cornish variety apple trees that grow around Keveral Farm. The blossom is very fragrant with the petals tasting and smelling  faintly of apples. Often only the petals are used as the rest of the flower can taste quite bitter and tart, however this is the same quality as the bitter notes found in apples themselves, so it has many potential uses for shrewd chefs.

The trees around the farm only blossom for a short period of time (usually during April), making the apple blossom an ultra-seasonal delicacy. Our varieties give blossom in a few different colours from almost pure white, to pinky white, to more dark pinks and purples.

We grow hundreds of apple trees here on the farm, adopting quite a laissez-faire attitude to the apple collection, where we are more interested in letting nature take its course than interfering to grow solely productive crops. Some of the varieties we care for like Ben’s Red (desert variety, native to Penzance) and Pignose (cooking variety, which hails from the area of Helston and The Lizard in West Cornwall) have been re-discovered in recent years but even those that don’t produce such great crops prove themselves to be an important part of the eco-system on the farm. I always feel that we as growers shouldn’t really be the judge and jury on the survival or demise of a whole plant variety. We should keep experimenting (maybe those apples will make the greatest jelly ever?), keep watching (maybe that unproductive tree might turn out to have great rootstock) and try to keep everything alive as you never know what they might be good for!!

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Written by Sean O Neill

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